The “2011 KAM-BABS Sexiest Musicians of Tampa Bay Awards Show Ceremony & After Party” was held at the Silver Dollar Lounge in Tampa on Sunday, July 24th, 2011. The event was hosted by Keith Wilkins & Dina Mead (Bay Area Band Source). The event included an awards ceremony, and featured performances by Wikkid, Sobriety X, Scream Machine, Diamond Gray, Constance, Midnight Rush, Twisted Logic, Triple Threat, Black Rose, & Third Story Basement. The event also had several vendors including Spawn Guitars, The Bay Buzz, and Black Pearl Rock Radio broadcasted live from the event. 

  1. Sexiest Drummer of Tampa Bay: Jay Diesel (Wikkid)
  2. Sexiest Bassist of Tampa Bay: Steve Sturgis (Monster)
  3. Sexiest Guitarist of Tampa Bay: Butch Whitney (Sobriety X)
  4. Sexiest Singer of Tampa Bay : Rick Clark (Sobriety X)
  5. Sexiest Band of Tampa Bay: Sobriety X
  6. Sexiest Musician of Tampa Bay: Jay Diesel (Wikkid)
  7. Plaque of Appreciation: Anthony Arnold of Black Pearl Rock Radio
  8. Plaque of Appreciation: Sadie Strickland of the Silver Dollar Lounge
  9. Plaque of Appreciation: Constance Hilton of The Bay Buzz
  10. Plaque of Appreciation: Dina Mead of Bay Area Band Source
  11. Plaque of Appreciation: Don McKeon, Ali Kelly & Sheree Englehardt of 

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